Setting the Standards

Glasgow-based diamond company Tankel continues to provide the UK market with exceptional quality and fantastic value for money.

The ethos of Tankel is to offer genuine value for money. Tankel's customers are discerning and, in a competitive marketplace, they demand superb value. Tankel's commitment to its customers ensures it will always supply the right product at the best possible price.

Trust is a vital part of the company's strategy and Tankel has built strong relationships and partnerships with its clients - something that is of ever increasing importance in the diamond sector. As a family-run business, Tankel is proud that in common with its main supplier and some of its retail customers, it is now in its third generation.

A key and fundamental strength of the business is its ability to buy well from international markets. Keeping its cost basis low allows the company to pass on the advantage of buying very keenly to its customers allowing them, in turn, to compete effectively.

Working closely with its key supplier, Tankel always endeavours to mirror this important relationship with its own customers. Thanks to its growing reputation as a key source for large diamonds from 2ct to 8ct at fabulous prices, Tankel has become the first port of call for an increasing number of retailers in the UK.

High value sales are possible, but the reality understood by Tankel is that those who offer the best value will have a better chance of achieving a sale. A major strength of the company in recent years has been its ability to consistently source diamonds that are very white in colour with small marks not visible to the naked eye.

Originally its concentration was on 1ct diamonds, but now Tankel can provide the same high quality up to 8ct. Tankel also reports that it is regularly asked to supply similar quality diamonds of fantastic value in smaller sizes, including 0.50ct and 0.75ct.

As the diamond market remains price sensitive, Tankel confirms there is an ever increasing demand for these kinds of diamond. While a small percentage of people will buy what they desire, regardless of price, the majority of the public have more fixed budgets and will only buy what they can afford. Many want as big a diamond as possible as long as it looks good to the naked eye. The strength of Tankel's business is that it has understood this economic reality.

Another reality driving Tankel in 2018 is the desire of a new generation to access information instantly. Several of Tankel's customers pointed out that the easiest, quickest and most convenient way ofu200b u200bseeing new products is to view them on their smartphones. Tankel is therefore now on Instagram #tankeldiamonds and has also updated its website - - with very positive feedback.

Tankel supplies loose diamonds and also beautiful rings and jewellery. Although the UK diamond market remains quite traditional, the company is innovative with design and always strives to bring in new and exciting ideas. It also offers a bespoke design service for its clients. Tankel has witnessed increased demand in 2018 for beautiful new styles with fancy shape diamonds. These designs in halo clusters or single stones all are in D colour and either SI1 or VSclarity. Many are supplied with GIA certificates.

Keeping its cost basis low allows the company to pass on the advantage of buying very keenly to its customers

Tony Tankel

Tankel exhibits at Jewellery & Watch and International Jewellery London each year and has regular personal contact with its customers. What worked 25 years ago, or even three years ago, in a fast-changing world may no longer work today. To that end, the company is progressive, innovative and forward-thinking.

Every Tankel account is handled in-house, meaning there are no extra costs associated with agents or commission for sales representatives.

The company, as its logo emphatically points out, sources superb value diamonds. Tankel has a growing reputation for providing its customers with consistent and excellent value. In short, the best possible service with the best possible prices.


We are a family run business specialising in the import of diamonds. Tankel are one of the UK’s most important diamond companies, supplying loose diamonds and manufactured diamond jewellery to retail shops throughout the UK and Ireland.

Our ethos is to offer superb value and commitment to all our customers and supply the right product at the best possible price.


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